The founding philosophy of Otway Pork

Otway Pork was founded in 1999 by a group of leading agricultural experts with the specific aim of bringing outdoor pig production to Australia.  Today Otway has built upon its original philosophy and is proudly the country’s largest outdoor pork producer.

Originally established on two farms west of Geelong, the philosophy and practices of the Otway Way were founded at these properties.  Today Otway Pork has expanded to seven farms throughout Western Victoria with each farm maintaining the unwavering commitment to producing the finest tasting pork.

Inspired by the rich history of the region, the founders named Otway Pork after Captain William Albany Otway.  Captain Otway was a British Naval Captain whose name was used by the early explorer Lieutenant James Grant when he discovered Cape Otway in 1800.

The Otway Way

  1. 100% female meat ensures there is zero boar taint and delivers a consistently high-quality taste
  2. Otway Pork pigs are bred outdoors and raised in straw-lined shelters
  3. Otway Pork pigs thrive on a tailored, natural, grain-based diet free from growth promotants and hormones
  4. Otway Pork is sourced only from our seven high-quality, ethical farms in Western Victoria
  5. Otway Pork is backed by over 200 years of farm management experience from the founders
  6. Otway Pork is 100% Australian owned