Australian owned.


Taste of Quality, The Otway Way.

Justine Schofield’s Otway Pork – Pork sausage meatballs

Get Justine's full recipe for this delish Otway Pork treat.


Justine Schofield’s Otway Pork – Sticky honey and soy pork noodles

Get Justine's full recipe for this delish Otway Pork treat.


Taste of quality

Imbued with the fresh air and welcoming spirit of Western Victoria, nothing compares to Otway Pork. With over 20 years farming experience and animal welfare at our heart, we're committed to serving you the absolute best straight from our farms to your plate.

Established in 1999 with an unwavering commitment to producing the finest-tasting, quality pork. We take great pride in our hand selected range of pork cuts, small goods and speciality premium products.

Used and recommended by leading Australian butchers, we guarantee that you will enjoy the taste of quality, the Otway way.

The Otway Way

Otway Pork grows the finest-tasting, quality pork; it is the Otway Way. The Otway Way is the list of key philosophies behind our brand.


100% female meat ensures there is zero boar taint and delivers a consistently high-quality taste


Otway Pork pigs are bred outdoors and raised in straw-lined shelters


Otway Pork pigs thrive on a tailored, natural, grain-based diet free from growth promotants and hormones


Otway Pork is sourced only from our seven high-quality, ethical farms in Western Victoria


Otway Pork is backed by over 200 years of farm management experience from the founders


Otway Pork is 100% Australian owned

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Because quality matters

Choosing Otway Pork products means you are choosing premium quality pork.

You can be confident that the pork you are buying comes from our 100% Australian-owned, ethical Otway Pork farms. Otway Pork was an innovator in introducing outdoor breeding to Australia and today is the largest outdoor pork producer in Australia, with a focus on high quality, great-tasting meat.

We have created a range of products that make it easy for you to create delicious meals that you can feel good about.