The Otway Way

Taste of Quality,
The Otway Way

The journey to premium quality Otway Pork begins on our farms in Victoria’s Western District. Ethical and sustainable practice exists at the heart of our operations, throughout the entire supply chain.

Long standing commitment to these values allows us to guarantee quality and reliability for our customers when they choose Otway Pork.

The Otway Story

The Otway Way

100% female meat ensures there is zero boar taint and delivers a consistently high-quality taste.

Our animal welfare and farming methods ensure kind and loving treatment of the land and animals under our care.

Otway Pork pigs thrive on a tailored, natural, grain-based diet free from growth promotants and hormones.

Otway Pork is sourced only from our five high-quality, ethical farms in Western Victoria.

Over 200 years of farm management experience from the founders.

100% Australian ownership.

Careers with Otway Pork

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Otway Pork is a leading producer in the Australian Pork Industry. The success of our operations is backed by years of knowledge and experience across out team. We are proud to offer our employees opportunity to grow their potential and share their passion for pork within our dedicated team.

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